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Miracle Mentoring is a community-based service program, located in Indianapolis, IN. Miracle Mentoring’s goal is to assist the youth we serve by changing negative thinking patterns through a pro-social community environment, role modeling, and promoting positive thoughts. Once this change occurs, youth become more productive in their constantly changing environment. Our staff assists students by providing an environment to process their problems and learn productive coping strategies. In addition, parents have an opportunity to discuss concerns and learn ways to more effectively manage their children. Staff are trained in behavioral management techniques, data collection, report writing, and team building.

Miracle Mentoring promotes positive socialization, healthy family relationships, and support for existing educational programming. Parent and guardian participation is seen as crucial in the development and implementation of the mentoring process. Our mission is to advance the quality of life of the participants. The Miracle Mentoring program operates for nine (9) weeks in duration. The program consists of individual mentoring. Each week, all participants will meet with their assigned mentor. Mentors will schedule a designated time each to meet and engage in face-to-face mentoring. These sessions include community activities, life skills training, and guidance. Additionally, all participants will engage in learning coping skills (curriculum), positive decision-making, building healthy relationships, independent living guidance, and positive communications with parents, teachers, and peers.   These sessions have a 1:1 mentor-to-mentee ratio. Due to COVID-19, these sessions may change to virtual face-to-face mentoring based on COVID-19 precautions and the mentor’s discretion.

The program will include positive reinforcements such as long-term and short-term rewards to help motivate each participant to meet their goals. These incentives will generally be family-centered to encourage family bonding. Successful completion of the program will be tracked through a point system. To complete the program successfully, each participant is required to meet 85% of their goals. The student’s point achievement, behaviors, and success will be tracked on a weekly progress report. Mentors will make weekly contact with all parent(s)/guardian(s). These contacts will involve communication about your child(ren)’s goals, successes, areas of need, problem-solving, and personal life situations. Please ensure to communicate with the mentor about these topics so that your child(ren) receives the full benefit of mentoring.

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